Sachin Vaidya

Postdoctoral Associate




I am currently a postdoctoral associate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) with Prof. Marin Soljačić. I received a PhD in Physics from Penn State in 2023, where I was a part of Prof. Mikael C. Rechtsman's research group. 

My research is both theoretical and experimental in nature and focuses broadly on photonic realizations of topological phases of matter, such as Weyl semi-metals and higher-order topological insulators. I am also interested in all things nanophotonics, topological matter, and artifical intelligence (AI) for physics.

Recent Publications

Weyl points on non-orientable manifolds

André Grossi e Fonseca*, Sachin Vaidya*, Thomas Christensen, Mikael C. Rechtsman, Taylor L. Hughes and Marin Soljačić

arXiv:2310.18485 (2023) 

Prevalence of two-dimensional photonic topology

Ali Ghorashi, Sachin Vaidya, Mikael Rechtsman, Wladimir Benalcazar, Marin Soljačić and Thomas Christensen

arXiv:2307.15701 (2023) 

Direct observation of Landau levels in silicon photonic crystals

Maria Barsukova*, Fabien Grisé*, Zeyu Zhang*, Sachin Vaidya, Jonathan Guglielmon, Michael I. Weinstein, Li He, Bo Zhen, Randall McEntaffer and Mikael C. Rechtsman

arXiv:2306.04011 (2023) 

Response to polarization and weak topology in Chern insulators

Sachin Vaidya, Mikael C. Rechtsman and Wladimir A. Benalcazar

arXiv:2304.13118 (2023) 

Reentrant delocalization transition in one-dimensional photonic quasicrystals

Sachin Vaidya*, Christina Jörg*, Kyle Linn, Megan Goh and Mikael C. Rechtsman

Physical Review Research (2023)

Topological phases of photonic crystals under crystalline symmetries

Sachin Vaidya, Ali Ghorashi, Thomas Christensen, Mikael C. Rechtsman and Wladimir A. Benalcazar

Physical Review B (2023)